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  1. Did you replace the rotors as well? Seems like an odd problem, haven't heard of this one before. When it happens you are going to have to go through a process of elimination. Mic the rotors prior to sitting in the sun. Then, mic the rotors and take a second measurement after sitting in the sun. Once it tightens because of the heat, you will have to attempt to bleed the brake and see how the fluid is flowing. If it is flowing, move on to another point such as spinning the wheel and checking the calipers. Maybe the seals are heating up and causing problems. If it continues I would consider replacing the front brake setup with a take off brembo setup from 08 and later bikes. There is a great tutorial on how to do this. The Nissin brakes are ok, but Brembo's are way better.
  2. I have a 02 Electra Glide I have rebuilt the master cylinder new break lines and rebuilt both calipers and new pad and the reason I did this is when the bike sets in the sun the front break gets tight and locks front wheel after doing all this it still does it what can I do to fix this
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