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  1. Hey Clutch were going through New Meadows today . Will be thinking of you when we do
  2. Hey Clutch just wondering how the progress is going on the place in New Meadows is going, haven't seen anything about it. Lynn and I are going for a little ride into N.E. Oregon this weekend, this area is a days ride from New Meadows area.
  3. Hey Clutch, Just dropping you a note, things are ok with us , we have been on quite a roller coaster type of emos lately doesn't take much sometimes, so far Social Sec. has been good to deal with for the grandaughter in starting to get survivor bennies but still holding our breath on that too, most will go into a savings account that she will recieve after finnishing school.
    On a different note, I was looking at the members map and after zooming in on us I see we are pinned in a wrong location.
    Not sure if you can relocate the pin but here is a break down of finding the proper spot.
    If you zoom in to bring up a street map, with our pin visable, follow I-90 east and look for Liberty Park on the south side of I-90, above this area, north of I-90 you will see E. Sprague, above E. Sprague you see E. Trent, My shop is located 1 block N. of E. Trent and 1 block W. of N. Napa street.
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