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  1. Hey Buddy,
    Thanks again for that offer, never had ANYBODY offer to drive 600 miles to help me....I'm going to check the scooter out myself but i know you would have came up...your ah good man Bro,
  2. Welcome aboard frenchy. It's GREAT to have another Cali member...and a fellow gun nut too!!! Maybe me, you and OldSkyKing (who is a northern cali guy too0 CAN SHARE SOME ROAD SOMETIME!?
  3. "Glad it worked out for you partner. I have bought several repair manuals there....got a GREAT price on every one of them, and never got a bad one."

    Must confess clutch, I bookmarked it and will have daughter supervise download today,
    I'm not to be trusted around PC's!!

    Spent yesterday installing original "as new" seat and drive belt cover, OH MAN my low back loves that support! AND it keeps my butt planted, that Corbin seat was nice but i was always slowly slidin' back,
    Thanks again buddy,
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