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  1. Great, glad you got it ok.
  2. Got the AC backing plate.,.,,. TX tom. '.,.'
  3. Glad you got package..... I collect old news papers my oldest is late 1880s...tom.
  4. Received the package today. Enjoyed the newspaper.......good to know what's going on in South Bend Thanks again.
  5. Great. Thanks. I'm going to convert my ultra to detachable. Have to make my own connections for the speakers and whatnot though.
  6. It was not much ... don't worry about it... just glad you could use it,,,,,tom... ride safe ....
  7. Awesome. Thanks. How much is the postage and how do you want me to send it?
  8. Hello dropped off box in post mon .. glad you could use.. tom ';;'
  9. Thank you for puting up that info on messages ... tom
  10. Ok good idea ...thank goodness Im not totaly CRAZY...
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