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  1. Thank you again .. Sir ,,
  2. You would want a shield from 1994-1999 to fit your 98.
  3. Hello I see quite a few windshields for heritage and or fat boys from 2000 and up I can’t seem to find out if they would work for my 98 was there some change in dimensions or something that would really say I can’t use it thank you for all your great info have a great day Tom
  4. Thank you for the information ..
    Very appreciative ....,
  5. The sub-wire harness would be 21-4140 from Drag
  6. Tom,

    I don’t believe the 06 will work for you. You can get Drag Specialties 2210-0104 and a separate sub-wire harness and it will work on your 98
  7. Me again
    Odometer black out ;(
    The odometer is All with little black dots so you can’t really read it Speedo works and this seems to be a problem and 98 99 mines in 98. A friend has an 06 speedo it’s plug and play ..mine has several wires with eyelets. Is there any suggestion or does anyone know of a way to adapt the 06 to 1998 or just keep looking for a good used Speedo ,which seems to be like looking for hens teeth .....thanks
  8. Ouch. Sorry to hear that. It is always something.
  9. Then again it’s always something I change the fork oil while it was up on the jackstand and now the right-hand leg I come out after work there’s a puddle a fork oriole it ran down the leg down the caliper around the rotor and under the tire thank goodness there is two brakes on the front tire. Always something guess I better rebuild that leg with some new seals
  10. Good to hear she’s up and running
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