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  1. Sue choppers wife on Facebook let everybody know the chopper passed away this morning his heart gave out
  2. Thanx buddy
  3. That makes sense thank you
  4. Tom, if you go to Community and click the member list. Once the member list is up, if you click on "Join Date", it will sort by that column and put the newest members at the top.
  5. good morning I have another question sometimes I miss people better new you know at the bottom of the page their name is down there at the bottom is there somehow that I could see in the last couple of days who might be new and that way I can put a welcome on their individual page in Elec
    do that letter you wrote for me just wondered not knowing there name I can't go to the community and section and look for him so I didn't know if there was a way I could actually find who is new in the last several days understanding all this way I'm living catch you later have a great day hope it's good weather out there it's been pretty good here Mass Effect am going to the feed store to pick up a bunch of potatoes and seeds specially potatoes to get planted until the garden yesterday will Kay was at work so good weather been pretty good for the last couple of weeks hope this makes all sense cuz I'm using the UM microphone,, tom
  6. Howdee bud ,,
    ran out of bus cards for forum for some reason I cant get to store to get more ,, im workin off my tab ,,, help tx tom
  7. you may notice from time to time if I type something like in the PM to you different letters appear and that only happens when I try and go back or erase something so it's not a secret code .. end of the last message I tried to put my name Tom and that's how it came out HV im stumped
  8. All set Tom
  9. good morning could you do me a favor I miss spelled six pack in the birthday messages I don't think there's a,,, c ,,, thank you much tom,,
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