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  1. Thanks Dawg....seems like if i push the "post message" button several times in a row quickly it'll take the post and also tell me "the message has already been posted" otherwise....everything get erased.and when you type at my speed you need to pack a sandwich.....I'll keep ya informed....now back to my cave.. Mike
  2. I just posted and it took. As long as your post is the proper length of 3 or more it should take. Try again and see. If it doesn't work, I'll pass it along to admin
  3. Yea Dawg ...still having problems. after a post and entering it ...it doesn't post and comes up" message entered is too short- lenghten message to at least 3 characters. I've been loosing post after post and just can't quite figure it out. Thanks for any help and I don't really think it's on my end . BC.
  4. Sorry I didn't answer right away, I'm on vacation and at camp. Are you still having problems?
  5. having a hard time posting...is it the forum or my computer?? Thanks Mike
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