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  1. Hello I started a wheel ? Thread
    Wonder if you could help tx
  2. Hello I had a question about your Evo softail I know yours is a few years older than mine but it should be quite close possibly the same what is the eye to eye measurement of the shift linkage. I ask because I think mine has been altered the arm that goes down to the transmission Has not been touched. But I think the rod lingth has been altered if you get a chance could you measure yours hole to hole
    Thank you 😀
  3. When I get a chance I’ll study all u wrote
    Thank you
  4. I’m pretty lucky I have a couple handguns the only way I would buy the neighbors Beretta is if it was a great price. Neighbor’s been working all week downstate he’s a roofer have not heard anything about the gun lately. Let me know how I would check my upper to see if it would be compatible thank you
  5. Tom if you want to convert your's to a Flat top. I have a KA tactical stripped upper receiver you are welcome to. We would need to make sure yours dose not have larger pins . Some early AR were built to a different standard.
    Another option would be a low cost upper. That would would not require any Gun tools direct swap out.
  6. That’s what my neighbor was saying he goes this is just too big to carry concealed but I spoke to him yesterday and he did not mention selling the gun anymore so it may have just been. Checking to see what I would pay for anyone else
  7. Is is the 15 round Baretta I checked
  8. I do remember that not on the slide but on the frame upfront it said something something A1 reminded me of the lake 1911 A1 know maybe I’m remembering that wrong has 1911 A1 A is our older military side arm but I thought it odd it said two letters and then A 1 has soon as I see him in the out and wants to sell it now but he hasn’t mentioned it since he brought it over to show it to me but I’ll find some stuff out thanks
  9. But it does say fs
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