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  1. Jim, just realized the 17th is Sunday, Father's Day, pretty sure my Daughter, son-in-law and grands have me tied up that day....my Son may drive up from the Central Coast, as well.....dang, when you said not to schedule anything cuz you were unsure about your route or timing, I kinda put it out of my mind.....didn't realize when we were conversing that the 17th was Father's Day. I'll get back to you if I can break away. Need to find out just what they have planned....likely involves a big meal at their house. Was looking forward to meeting you, too....maybe we still can.
  2. Hey Buddy.
    Azrider and I start our trek north tomorrow and I was wondering if we are still a go for meet and dinner on Sunday the 17th in Redding you pick the place and I will give you a call when we get closer. Looking forward to meeting you.
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