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  1. Glad your back ,,, tiger ,,
  2. Quite a surprise, thanks brother....
  3. congratulations buddy on making the picture of the month,,
  4. Im ok vacation coming up ,,, hope your illness is better ,, wishin you the best tom,..
  5. Tom, been offline for awhile due to lotsa company and illness.....company gone now so....I'm back....haven't been on bike for quite awhile, thanks for checking up on me. Hope all is well with you.
  6. hows it going .,.tom
  7. sounds like its coming together, ,,,,,
  8. Talked with Levine yesterday, bought another passing lamp, they will get it on the way soon, the clutch spring will be here on the 23rd, no particular hurry, lifted something, twisted, lower back pain, can hardly walk, couldn't ride now anyway. Those folks at Levine are real nice, said they hadn't been able to receive emails due to server problems. It was all a miscommunication....they are not charging me for shipping. The BAL-1 has just shipped. Dang, between the visor light rings, the led's, the se comp, the bal-1 and a few other things, I've spent around a grand and haven't rode anywhere yet. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  9. Not yet, I ordered a clutch spring that is in the police bikes (37807-03), one step below the SE spring, one step above the 37871-98A, waiting for that to arrive. Right now, I'm trying to get all the led lights, thougt I'd ordered a pair of passing lamps from Levine, their page depicts a pair, regular price is stated to be $190, typical for a pair, sale price of $91, thought it was a set cuz regular price of a pair of Phase 7 on Ebay is as low as $179 and $189 on Leatherup....but they sent only one......so I'm trying to get them to respond to my request for another passing lamp. Someone there indicated that I was getting two lamps once when I called prior to placing the order. I'm willing to pay another $91 but don't think they should charge for shipping since it was intended for the original order. So far, they have not responded to my emails. Oh well, that's life.
  10. hey how is the bike doing ..get the se comp in...tom.,.,
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