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  1. Anytime Tom ..
  2. There is one east of here if I ever get a day off I'm going to ride that way
    Thank you for all your help
  3. Sounds right to me .. Tough to call a helmet without trying one .. Unless totally familiar with the Brand I won't buy a Helmet without trying it .. I wear 7 1/4 (Now) and Large worked for me but that's with only a thin doo-rag strictly a Summer Helmet .. But have had helmets from a Medium to an XL that fit the same head .. If have a dealership anywhere near you they should have plenty on the shelf ..
  4. I wear a seven and three eights hat I suppose large would be the one to get
    what do you think
  5. Yes Tom that's the Exact One and it's the only 1/2 Helmet that ever fit me perfect .. The other closest one was the Harley Patriot Theme 1/2 I had but since lost 40 lbs it's all loose now unless wear a heavy knit cap with it so save it for Winter Riding ..
  6. http://store.indianmotorcycle.com/en...lmets/2863696/

    Jay is this the helmet u have
  7. well it's definitely quieter ,,,the bang is back I would say that's the only bad thing about the stock compensator is that start up with a bang,, it must really bottom out ..
  8. Tx im going to put the stock comp back in and listen ...only rattley at 2200,, 2700 rpms under load while ridding not parked ..noiesest when hot ,,
  9. Thanks I'll check it out ,,but everytime I have checked through the primary derby cover or take the cover off its got the correct amount of up and down play in the primary chain I might change back to the original compensator which I saved and see if I still hear this rattling Tom
  10. good morning...Jay,,, I was wondering what caused you to change out on your Screaming Eagle compensators what wore out or what did you notice that was a problem I've got kind of a rattling sound on the left hand side I check the other day took primary coveroff looked good inside but the spokes were indented about an eighth of an inch from wear,, just curious about your thoughts thank you .,.Tom
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