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  1. Send the pictures and all information you have on it. Also when was it last mounted does it have all the mounts. If it is an HD sidecar it is worth a few bucks.
  2. Hey Top
    I know you know a bunch about Sidecars and I have something I would like to run by you if that's ok with you.
    My son in laws dad bought a 2006 classic a sidecar and a trailer as a package a few years ago and passed away before he could do much with any of it.
    I have gotten the trailer (aluma) but told my daughter that i would help them sell the bike and trailer but I don't know much about sidecars. My question to you is if I send you some pictures of the bike and sidecar do you think you could help me put a value on the sidecar and maybe tell me your thoughts about it.
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