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  1. Need some help from anyone who has installed a Bikers Choice Wide Tire Kit on a 1998 a Stock FLSTF. (the bike belongs to a friend of a friend who bought his own parts) The Kit says will Work with a 250/40/18 Avon. I know the Stock Belt is to wide so he brought me a 1 1/8 /135 tooth s&s belt and a 70th Pulley. I've tried multiple Spacers behind the Pulley and Rotor and either I get the Tire centered and the (2000) later Caliper won't lay fully on the Swing arm Bracket or the tire rubs on the belt. He provided the rear wheel/tire which I've never herd of. the wheel has a Name on it of Ego Trip, of course it is used. Do I give up and put a 1 inch rear Pulley and Belt on ? Any help would be very appreciated from this old Mechanic.
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