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  1. Ouch. Sorry to hear that. It is always something.
  2. Then again it’s always something I change the fork oil while it was up on the jackstand and now the right-hand leg I come out after work there’s a puddle a fork oriole it ran down the leg down the caliper around the rotor and under the tire thank goodness there is two brakes on the front tire. Always something guess I better rebuild that leg with some new seals
  3. Good to hear she’s up and running
  4. Again thank you for your help your help bikes back on the road good too because it’s 80
  5. Thank you for your help
  6. If you bought new, you’d get the updated part#27200003 as they’ve superseded all the prior -08 and -08A parts. They changed vendors and fixed the issues they were having
  7. Here is mine I know they have been upgraded a few times I was able to get one off of eBay it’s an 08 designation mine was an 08 a designation I was wondering course it’s late now I already bought it if I would get a new one at the dealer would it be one that has the longer numerical designation as part seem to do now I will post a video of what mine sounded like and I do have a picture on the thread that I posted , Of the broken tooth I’m just hoping it is a plastic tooth problem not something the computer made the little motor do that broke it Tx
  8. Tom, there have been a few threads on some other forums regarding folks that have experienced induction module issues with their bikes, mostly 09-11 from what I’ve read. They all describe what sounds like a woodpecker before you hear the fuel pump working. They’ve all had their induction modules replaced, but none took them apart to find what you found. I do believe it has something to do with the fly by wire electronics on the bike that caused it. There’s nothing special to installing them, just make sure everything gets hooked back up accordingly.
  9. I recently started a thread my induction module started chattering I ordered a used one one is there any trick to or a good way or something special about installing the induction module. To a tooth broke off the large gear inside the one that is work or connected to the shaft to the butterfly in the Venturi. One I was wondering if you ever seen this happen Into do you think it just happened because of the plastic tooth breaking off or could it be a signal from the computer that caused it to go the wrong direction when I first turn the ignition on have you ever heard of this thank you very much for your help Tom
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