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  1. An amazing place if you get the chance,
  2. I seen them on your Flickr account. It's like a museum from history
  3. Some pictures of the trip. Bunch of them from the ARK . That is a trip you would really enjoy. The ARK is well done ,well presented.

  4. Safe trip
    Have fun
  5. You and your family have a Merry Merry Christmas and a blessed new year
    Tom and Kay
  6. just the word bungee that made it sound like a rubber band , I'll Watch the video as soon as I get a chance
  7. What do you think of the bungee sling for the A.R. 15 I seen one on eBay does this make any sense bungee with this work correctly
  8. Wow Kool
    thank you
  9. Tom give me a chance to look around . I have a lot of AR slings just not sure where the boys packed them.
  10. Well I need your expert opinion I was looking for a sling for my AR 15 something that economical I guess well I've seen ones that hang down all the gun hangs down you could bring it up for when it's needed quickly are those any good thanks hope you're doing fine hope everybody in the house is good tom
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