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  1. You 93 is the easy listening station here in town or used to be ,,
    the rock station would always be 95 waor which meant album oriented rock. At least that was many years ago ,
    with all the new applications for music listening such as Pandora etc. I think it's change the a.m. FM Johndra quite a bit But I will check out you 93 ,, I hope you're doing well. Stay safe in this Tumultuous world .. Peace
  2. BTW ... an old friend of mine moved to Southbend ... He is a radio guy... calls himself Irish Dave, since he is from Ireland ... hehe. He is at: U93 :: Today's Best Music
    @u93radio... not sure if that means anything to you ... but thats where he is and does a morning show... Cheers
  3. Good morning or rather evening Tom!! Hope all good with you!!! Loooong time! But I see you on facebook ... so I keep track of you!
  4. Good morning
  5. Happy happy Birthday
  6. Happy Birthday ,,,
  7. 3 hrs to go have thum so far ,,, 14 bucks
  8. Yup, that worked!!! Thanks!!
  9. Great to hear ...:-) We here have our ups & downs ,,,,this week ridding ...tonite snow squalls....but were heading in rite direction...:-) ....truck has new head gasket..but oil pressure bad ..now ..using her easy ....tom :-)
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