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  1. Thank you for the mufflers,,,
  2. Tom , give me your address and I'll find out what shipping will be, If you want me to call you back I can do that too.
  3. gee tx ill take the flhtc 08 mufflers ..
  4. good story on your bike...... tom ';'';'
  5. A friend of mine has a body & meck shop It's been slow for a year & 1/2. only good thing he is 65 & ready to retire. this is in niles mi. me i leave my bike out overnite it rains. by morning bugs slide rite off. changed my oil w/ i got home from work. 4k since last change. have a good weekend...tom;';';
  6. Hey ultrat , hows everything today, yes the shop has been real busy lately, was really hoping I could have spent some time in the chat room with you guys yesterday but thats the way it goes sometimes, as an owner I only have to work half days and 12 hrs = half day. But its friday and we are closed on weekends, should be good weather for a ride, just finished cleaning the ultra, wife wonders why clean it when it's going to get bugged up again, I'm thinking I should have her clean it so she sees how hard old bugs are to get off, might not go over very well.
  7. shop busy today.. Just stoppin to say high..';';';';
  8. welcome to the Forum Joel..;'' south bend in here..';';'
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