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  1. happy birthday
  2. Hows it down that way ,,, u ok storm wise ,, hows your ankle ... gettin better ,, I hope ,, tom
  3. Hunting tips ,,,:-) hunt safe ,,,,
  4. hello is a cupple of weeks im on vacation im heading south ,, may I camp in your yard ,, on the way down ,,, tom ..
  5. We could cruse around your area or beyond ,,,
  6. let me know if your up to some riding ,,,,
  7. Just after kokomo there is 38 then 338 then 13 into foutiantown would tnis work...you pm box is full..
  8. Thought id stop by ,,, fri or sat ,, good or bad idea,, let me know ..
    Any good places to camp around your area,,
  9. Hows the mending going .,., hope your ready for riding...
  10. How's the healing coming.....:-)
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