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    Then again it’s always something I change the fork oil while it was up on the jackstand and now the right-hand leg I come out after work there’s a puddle a fork oriole it ran down the leg down the caliper around the rotor and under the tire thank goodness there is two brakes on the front tire. Always something guess I better rebuild that leg with some new seals
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    Again thank you for your help your help bikes back on the road good too because it’s 80
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    Thank you for your help
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    Here is mine I know they have been upgraded a few times I was able to get one off of eBay it’s an 08 designation mine was an 08 a designation I was wondering course it’s late now I already bought it if I would get a new one at the dealer would it be one that has the longer numerical designation as part seem to do now I will post a video of what mine sounded like and I do have a picture on the thread that I posted , Of the broken tooth I’m just hoping it is a plastic tooth problem not something the computer made the little motor do that broke it Tx
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    I recently started a thread my induction module started chattering I ordered a used one one is there any trick to or a good way or something special about installing the induction module. To a tooth broke off the large gear inside the one that is work or connected to the shaft to the butterfly in the Venturi. One I was wondering if you ever seen this happen Into do you think it just happened because of the plastic tooth breaking off or could it be a signal from the computer that caused it to go the wrong direction when I first turn the ignition on have you ever heard of this thank you very much for your help Tom
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    HAY !
    Look at this
    Thanx a BUNCH!
    Please share your EVO performance ideas, tricks, as i want to steal your ideas!
    Plus I will share mine.
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    Need some help from anyone who has installed a Bikers Choice Wide Tire Kit on a 1998 a Stock FLSTF. (the bike belongs to a friend of a friend who bought his own parts) The Kit says will Work with a 250/40/18 Avon. I know the Stock Belt is to wide so he brought me a 1 1/8 /135 tooth s&s belt and a 70th Pulley. I've tried multiple Spacers behind the Pulley and Rotor and either I get the Tire centered and the (2000) later Caliper won't lay fully on the Swing arm Bracket or the tire rubs on the belt. He provided the rear wheel/tire which I've never herd of. the wheel has a Name on it of Ego Trip, of course it is used. Do I give up and put a 1 inch rear Pulley and Belt on ? Any help would be very appreciated from this old Mechanic.
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    I have a 02 Electra Glide I have rebuilt the master cylinder new break lines and rebuilt both calipers and new pad and the reason I did this is when the bike sets in the sun the front break gets tight and locks front wheel after doing all this it still does it what can I do to fix this
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    Thanks Dawg....seems like if i push the "post message" button several times in a row quickly it'll take the post and also tell me "the message has already been posted" otherwise....everything get erased.and when you type at my speed you need to pack a sandwich.....I'll keep ya informed....now back to my cave.. Mike
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