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    Vancouver, BC Meet and Greet

    I don't know, but I think this may be the first International meet and greet for our Forum. Cathy and I met Sixpak (Dave) and Kaviti (Steve) last night after we arrived in Vancouver, BC Canada. We talked for quite a while and I even had them both sign my mini-Forum Flag.


    Here is Dave signing my flag


    Steve signing it


    And the 3 of us together
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    Wayne, it was a great pleasure and honor to meet you and Cathy and sign the flag! Hope to do it again someday!

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    Cathy and Wayne what a wonderful couple !! This was a delight meeting you guys and of course an honor. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. And I didn't have to drive far to get there to meet you guys. This is right on Lulu Island. Hope to meet more of our forum family.

    Cathy and Wayne have a fun filled trip. Bob voyage until we meet again. Click here to enlarge
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    Nice,, great to see this happin ,,,,,
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    great pictures and even better when faces and people are put to the names on here
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    That's awesome!

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    Very cool guys, thanks for the pics. Safe travels...

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    Good stuff!!
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    Great that you were able to meet up, thanks for sharing the pics.

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