This thread is for the purpose of mapping member locations to organize Meet and Greet Rides. God willing the very 1st one will be mid-spring of 2011. I intend to set a new forum flag out on it's maiden Journey to New Jersey then. This will also be a thread where members can look to see who is close by to arrange local rides. The information posted here is voluntary...and please only post:

1. Forum User Name

2. City

3. State (abbreviated properly please), and/or country

4. Any Assistance Capabilities you are willing to offer fellow forum members when they are on the road, and in a pinch
* This could be anything from a trailer capable of getting a downed scooter to help, to food/lodging...etc.

Here is an example:


North Edwards


Mobile welding/Maintenance Capabilities

The posted member locations will be posted on a public google map, and be visible here: