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Thread: Heated Grips

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    Heated Grips

    I wanted to install different heated grips on my 14 Ltd. It comes stock with heated grips but they are plain The Ultra CVO has a real nice grip called Airflow. I noticed that the Airflow heated grip is now available at the dealerships. However it is externally wired. The stock CVO and the Stock FLHTK Limited are internally wired. The cost of the externally wired grips are $299.00 They come with the wiring harness etc. If you want the internally wired CVO grip it is $350. for the left grip only!! and $150 for the right grip. Of course I found this all out after I spent the 299 for the grips only to find out that the left grip won't work because of the external wiring. Why would I want to go from internally wired to externally anyway. I even called customer service at the company to see if they offered a kit for the 2012-16 FLHTK to replace the heated grips. Long story short, No. I guess the only option is to buy the CVO grip and pay the price, but what a pain.
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    That sucks. Click here to enlarge Too bad.
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    Yea I have wanted to change my stock but am not going to spend that much.
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    Ditto....me, too
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    Go with Heat Demons, you can use any regular grip with them. It has a element that sticks around tbw and one that slides inside handlebar on clutch side. It is internally wired.
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