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    2016 exhaust sound

    On my last 3 Touring bikes I have had on style or the other, HD's version Supper traps.
    Like them all. On the 2016 RGU I was sure of one thing I wanted 2-1-2 header so installed that right away but left stock exhaust on. at 6K on the bile now I am surprised the stock pipes are still on it. That has to be a record for me. The Rushmore sounds good with stock exhaust and the header change. I am not sure if they changed the pipes a bit of it is a result of the 103 hi output engine but they do have a nice sound.
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    Top I changed to performance header and exhaust about a month after I got the 14 limited and love the sound(nice bark under load but mellow out quite a bit cruising) and my best bro got a '16 rgu a while back and still has stock exhaust on her and she is a bit to quiet for my taste but I am going to pass this on to him. Thanks
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