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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by RumRunner Click here to enlarge
    I have ridden a v-rod, it was fun to ride. But it was not comfortable for me. I suppose I could have done some modifications to one and made it more comfortable for me to ride, but it just wasn't my style. Not to mention the wife was not interested in riding on the back of one. But hey, now that I'm considering downsizing and almost never ride 2 up anymore, a v-rod could be a possibility. But I'd need to make it more comfortable to ride than what I've seen stock. Like Smitty, I'd really be interested in the v-rod engine in a bike that fit me better.

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    Not just about "sales". Lots of engines have been discontinued for various reasons, even those selling very well. The Evo, which sold like crazy, basically saved HD, was replaced with the TC, which sold very well and will eventually be replaced by the M8. Sometimes EPA has a say-so, sometimes it's competition and sometimes it's just to make "improvements". You can go on down the line, Pan, Knuckle ect. I believe the Shovel was one that sorely needed a fix and wasn't helping sales.

    The Evo - remember having to have a "voucher" to "get in line" to "order" a scoot and wait 8 months? And yet it was replaced!

    Back in the day we had very little choices and "ergonomics" weren't a remote consideration or even a word yet! . You bought it, you rode or you changed it. Today it's more akin to having a suit tailored and brought home on a hanger. Feet here, hands there, azz up over there, crotch somewhere in the twilight zone, lean in, out back ...........How did we do it?

    We chose from a Sporty - which was blackballed much like the V, an Electro-Glide - also typecast (I'm refraining from descriptives) and the most popular was the Superglide. One model of each, period. You just rode the damn things.
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    BlackBird , I sure do remember. I will never let this 1996 EVO FB go (long as I am alive).
    It is not fast it is not smooth. It is fun ,easy to care for and need to say again fun to ride. Wife and I had to much fun on it to ever let it go.
    No engine,primary or transmission work ever on it . Today it serves as a chariot for my disabled grand daughter. Still fun to ride still not very fast still running.

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