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awesome write-up Smitty....thanks for digging this up and sharing. This is so logical and put in such simple terms, even a cro-magnon like me understood it (plus it was interesting as hell)

So, the bottom line for our bikes is....if quality and stereo with high fidelity is important to you, BOOM SENA 20S headset should be your choice. Assuming your bike is equipped with the BOOM audio system.
Yes and the lastest version is the HD SENA S20 EVO.
While trying to put the information in to words that made sense, I came across the facts another had laid out and figured it would help others to understand .
If I were getting wirele4ss headsets and there was any chance someday I would want to go full wireless with WHIM no doubt I would buy the HD SENA S20 EV0.
I will be swapping out our SENA S20's for the for next riding season.