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    Happy Veterans Day!

    Happy Veterans day to all my Harley Talking brothers who served, and to those who are currently serving, and all those who have served in the past! No words can adequately express my gratitude for the freedoms you have granted me with your service, and I am eternally grateful!

    This day is also significant to me because my first daughter was born 30 years ago. On my Facebook page I wrote:

    In February 1987 my wife and I carefully crafted a plan to honor her Dad and all Veterans on this special and significant day, we would present them with our first born in honor of their service. We were highly successful - Happy Veterans Day

    We left Republic Harley-Davidson in Stafford, Texas with over 400 bikes, 82 Veteran's riding the honor position in the front of the line on an escorted ride around the 610 Loop that surrounds downtown Houston. Amazing riding that loop closed down to all traffic until we passed.

    If there is someone you would like us to honor for their service, please offer their names.

    I honor Lt. Commander Robert J. Fischer U.S. Navy [Ret.], Bob was my wife's Dad and my Father-In-Law, but he was also my friend. He passed on Thanksgiving Day three years ago, and I miss him dearly. He flew jets off aircraft carriers and was a true decorated Vietnam War hero. I thought he was nuts for launching himself off the deck of aircraft carriers, he thought I was nuts riding a Harley-Davidson on the streets of Houston!
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    My front yard flag was waving on that special day...
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