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    Little help please 2005 electra classic right turn signal RANDOMLY turns on

    Hey folks kinda confused here Ive changed bulbs checked sockets had local dealer look cant figure this one out the turn signal randomly comes on....no rhyme or reason and no continuity I.E. bumps speed heat etc. It is completely random and only on the right side. Making me nuts HELP

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    it's a grounding issue, probably occurs when you turn the handle bars to the left (actually just guessing here).....what was the last thing you did to the bike just before it started to occur? (most time many don't actually remember, until their memory is jogged at a later time)
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    Maybe just a bad switch. Does it work normally when you want to use it for both off and on?

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    Possibly the turn signal control er I think it’s called TSSm. it’s an electronic device and they can go wacky that’s just my two cents if you can get a used one real cheap or if you know somebody that has a model similar to yours a friend of yours you’re so forth just switch it and see if that helps but I don’t know if the Security is in there also that I’m not sure in that case switching it probably would not be Passable
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    I’ve seen many a wiring issue in the older batwing fairing bikes where the wires get chafed due to crossing over the fairing brackets. I agree with Bob that it’s probably a grounding issue due to a faulty/chafed wire somewhere.
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