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    Fairing Mounted Oil Temp Gauge

    Hey Y'all,

    I installed a Fairing Mounted Oil Temp Gauge recently. Didn't have much use for the Air temp gauge, that is where I put the Oil temp gauge. It was pretty easy. The hardest part was finding P107. Found it on the left side of the stirring neck just forward of the gas tank.

    Last Season I had my local Independent local shop install the following: HD SE Cam Plate with a High Flow SE Oil Pump and SE Rocker Arms.

    The oil pressure was a significant improvement and the Oil Temp is nice to know during the summer. Guess I like to know the vital signs of my bike.

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    I agree - Oil Temp Gauge much more useful than Ambient Air Temp....I think H-D has purposely avoided making the oil temp readily available, they just don't want you to know how hot these air cooled engines run
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    I guess, or perhaps to make it an option on every bike. Regardless it would be a good idea to at least have them in stock rather than a special order item. I had the LED Oil Dip stick that would measure the Temp and oil level. Man, that thing was great but it crapped out the second year after I purchased it. THEN, I found out about how unreliable it was. Click here to enlarge Glad I didn't throw away my old dipstick. So, I wanted another way to monitor the engine temp when I found the Fairing Mounted Oil Temp Gauge. I also had a gift card so it did not hurt $$ so much.
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    Did that on my 09 Ultra before took delivery .. Was getting Black Fork Lowers and Painted Inner Fairing anyway so just had them replace the Air Temp with an Oil Temp while had it all apart .. Came in Handy many times in the 70,000 Miles I owned it ..
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    I did the same a while back on my Ultra. Definitely more helpful than air temp. I also went the digital oil dipstick route before that, although I found mine to be pretty much in line with what the new gauge was reading. I just went with the gauge because it's much more convenient..

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    After all the documentation and work I went through with the 2013 on oil and engine temp, one thing was clear. I does not madder. Head temp is what is important and your oil will not lower them. Unless of course you have a 2017 with the oil cooled heads. There is not enough oil flow to the heads once warmed up to effect head temps. Yes they will get as high as 360 degrees on a hot day in traffic. And no the oil will not be any where near that.
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    First thing I did was get rid of that useless gauge and put in an oil temp gauge...Rodger McEwan makes a nice one...Also have a oil temp dipstick too which I thought was not accurate but both are within a few degrees of each other...

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    Click here to enlargeClick here to enlargeThat didn't last long, the Oil Temp Gauge quit working last Sunday. The Harness from the Temp Sensor to P107 is intermittent.

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    When I got my 09FLH I too was curious I bought our sun Gage I have all Reiles auto I had it in Aep till the year ago I think there was just a power wire and the wire that went down to the sender that I put in that extra hole in the front of the oil tank after I got used to or knew what my engine was doing I didn’t look at it very much but it was another data or information , It was in about nine years but it didn’t look quite like the other gauges it had a red dial Natile white dial oh I mean pointer so I put my air gauge back in. Down the road I plan on selling the bike and getting something lighter . Which all that I have done to the bike at least this air gauge doesn’t look out of place.
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