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Thread: Crazy thinking

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    Nice photos, wow, that road looks slick and messy, glad you got back home safe. Speaking of heat, it's forecast to be 111 here today.
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    It is difficult for depression to catch you if you have a fast motorcycle...

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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Azrider Click here to enlarge
    l did the HD high flow exhaust that put the cat in the mufflers. Previously it wouldn't pull long 6% grades two up at 75 mph without losing ground speed with cruise. lt now seems to be fine with that. We took a 3 day (1200 mile) trip into Southern Utah and the bike ran great. We did rural scenic roads there but got hit with a lot of intermittent rain so ran pretty conservative in mountains with no guard rails. Lots of red mud when we got into Kanab. Rain was so heavy roads were closed because of the mud. Took 3 days to clean up the bike. Pretty hot here now to ride much. Third picture is closeup of the motel driveway we had to cross to get into motel parking lot. Attachment 22740Attachment 22741Attachment 22742Attachment 22743
    Messy yes but still looks like fun.
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