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    New Line-up Announced


    I've always been intrigued by the LiveWire, and the new PanAm gives me a nostalgic warm and fuzzy remembering my old trail days...but this line-up is being panned by some pretty harsh critics (Andrew P. Collins) as a desperate copy-cat attempt to launch globally and gain significance.


    I personally don't agree (completely) with the views, and as a Harley insider, know they have spent years in development and have been quite introspective about their future outside the U.S. for just as long.

    Whether I ride a dinosaur or not, it's the bike I choose and love, and perhaps that very opinion from my segment is what will ultimately doom Harley....who knows, guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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    When the Livewire was in prototype it came to Arizona to be demoed I volunteered to work the demo and actually got to ride one. For a commuter that had to ride short distances I think it would be perfect. It is quick out of the hole and very responsive and maybe now that they are producing it they have figured how to extend Battery life.
    As for the rest in this article looks like Harley is getting into the dirt game.
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    I saw the Livewire at my local dealer but didn't care to ride one. Too dang small. Some said they liked it. And suggested that deceleration was immediate and mentioned that maybe the brake light should come on when decelerating so not to be rear-ended. The other models don't interest me.
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    The Pan American is one to go head to head with some BMW models . The Street Fighter is one I would like to see performance numbers. Live Wire cool but not on my list. No new bikes for awhile spent that on the sidecar.
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