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    Chance encounter on a road trip

    Sunday and Monday I made a round trip to Murray KY. Not a big trip 1150 miles round trip. On the way down I stopped for gas at the exit for Brookport IL. I just happen to lived there for awhile with one of my cousins a long time ago.
    Life goes by people die and contacts get lost. While getting gas a conversation starts with a man maybe in his 50's on a dirt bike. I mentioned years ago riding down the RR tracks to avoid the truant office and one LEO the town had.
    He ask my Cousins family name and I told him. Turns out my cousin is his insurance agent and lived 10 miles from where we were. The man supplies with a home phone number . On the way back Met up at his home and spent 2 hours going ver old times and making arrangements to get back together.
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    That's awesome .. Been a long time since I have run into anything like that .. At my age and as much as I travel anymore doubt I do .. Came close with a FB connection of one my best friends in High School and tried to arrange a few meets but never came about ..
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    Good to see family you haven't seen for a while.
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