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    Yet Another Oil Change Question

    OK...here's the deal. I changed my oil and filter last October just before I put my bike away. I run Mobil 1 V-Twin 20w 50. My work requires me to travel, so I'm GONE somewhere away from home M-F, and then having to relocate from Ohio to Nebraska for a job promotion, I rode my bike less than 1,000 miles this year. Would you STILL change the oil before putting the bike away, or would you just ride it another season and change it next fall. Like I said, because of work, even next fall I probably still won't have 4,000 miles on the oil after two years. I just hate to throw away $40 worth of oil when it has less than 1,000 miles on it. Seems such a needless thing to do. If Mobil ! is supposed to be that good (and I believe it is, that's why I use it) can't it go two seasons and be OK? Welcome your thoughts......

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    I would just run it as long as the oil still looks good, which I'm sure it does. I hardly put any miles on my bike this year, I will not change the oil when it goes into winter storage.

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