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    Forum Issues


    I am aware of the issues the forum has been having, because it was not down, just affecting most of the internal pages, I didn't notice it right away. Thank you to UCWayne for reaching out to let me know about the issues.

    The issue has been reported to our hosting company, they restored some of the functionality, but need to also do an upgrade to the latest release of our version of the forum software. This may result in some of our customizations that are from older versions not working. We will have to wait and see how that goes.

    As of now, it looks like some of the upgrade is complete, I am waiting to hear back from the hosting company for an update. It may not be until sometime tomorrow before I know.

    As you will notice, the chatbox is not visible. This may or may not be one of the customizations that will not work with the new version. Hopefully we can get that working again.

    I will post any updates I get here.

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    Is definitely better as I hit new Posts and got right in .. Didn't see the Chat Box but seldom use it anyway .. Even when didn't own an HD ride for a little still always enjoyed this forum and considered it the best .. Don't think that will happen anymore unless someone gives me double the Book Value of my 2005 FXD the way i have it now and just scored some more goodies for it for next to nothing from someone who traded his 04 in that all the parts were compatible with mine .. Won't make a long list but was well over 1,000 worth for $300 ..
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    Chat has been working.
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