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    Post little help please

    Hello sure could use a little help- 2005 electraglide classic right turn signal randomly comes on and off. Cant cancel with switch ??

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    2005 seems time may have got you . Bet the switch is problem. You could try a light spray of wd 40 in the switch . is it flashing when it comes on or just on? if so then look for a short of the wires in the light housing.
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    You might also take apart the switch housing and use electronic cleaner it’s plastic friendly ..but those clean contacts .use it in Motors. Otherwise like Smitty said you’re going to have to trace it down using a voltage ohmmeter or visual inspection of the wiring
    And pull up any codes might help you if it has any best of luck
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    Speed sensor could probably use a cleaning/replacing as well which can affect self cancelling issues. Check the bulbs and connections and switch
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