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    New Tires on The Bike

    Replaced the OE tires a few weeks ago, Was starting to respond kind of loose and some wobble from stops on turns.
    Had Michelin Commander II put on front and back, OE had 16,000 miles and could have gone more but had a split in the center of the tread of the rear tire.
    Very happy with these, handles like a dream.
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    Had excellent luck with Michelin Com II's .. There is a Michelin Com III out now some swear by, but I have already ordered COM II's for my Dyna as they have done very well on my ride anyway ..
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    Hey Joel, Good to hear from you!! I've had very good results with the Com II, actually been through a couple of sets. I think next time I might try the Com III.
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    Having switched to a lighter bike a few years ago now I have a 98 Fatboy I did a lot of investigation and I found for the price people really like the kenda cruise ..I think itís 673 I bought a set over the winter for $60 each tire. As the tires on the bike when I bought it several years ago we were over 10 years old still had a lot of tread original Dunlopís, but I could Feel even on dry pavement when I would come up to a stoplight and hit the brakes hard it could slide easily the compound was getting quite hard. I have put these on in the spring time and they seem quite grippy in rain and dry I think they could probably outperform what I would do as Iím not much of a daredevil anymore. Lol
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    I just had Michelin Commander 3's put on my Sporty last week. So far so good


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