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    Polaris running after 9 years

    In 2011 I purchased a Polaris 500 Sportsman HO ATV. It met my requirements made in US and sold by a local dealer. No haggling walked in said that is what I want. Paid the man and ask them to drop it off. Next day it was home.
    It would not stay running, would not run over 30 mph and even then you had to hold the choke out . Called them up and was told carb issue not covered under warranty. Fought with them and Polaris nothing was done. Talked with another dealer . He said pretty much the same thing but they could fix it but the fix would void warranty and cost $250. So it sat here. Plow snow with it a 10 mph with choke out. rode it a little around the farm. in 9 years 139 hours on it. I latter found others that had such nightmares with Polaris.
    Yesterday after fixing mother in laws sink I wanted some free time. Decide to tackle that Polaris. First thing I found carb was not sealed at intake. Wow that was easy. Nope did not fix it. Pulled the carb off. Found gasket material in the jets and bowl. Cleaned the jets put it back on a little better but no right. Kept working on it. The throttle position sensor was not adjusted right. After may test runs got that solved. Still won't stay running and will not Idle.
    I found the idle set and throttle cable were very touchy and the relation to how they were set was important. Back and forth 1/4 turn here and there test do it again. At midnight last night. ran it down the road 55 MPH run like a dream it stayed running and idled as it should. Went to bed. Today I took it out and beat the heck out of it. It will run.
    Never again will I spend a dime at Polaris. Any parts will be after market . Our next ATV will be a CanAm. Sad part is these dealers are crying now. They would have likely sold me a couple over the last 9 years had they fixed the problem day one. Instead they lost a good customer forever. The other day I called a different deal about a tire, they wanted to charge me the same price I could buy two for. The exact same tire. Loyalty goes both ways.
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    Can certainly understand how you feel about Polaris .. Know many that have had good luck with them and a few that have not .. All 3 of the Victory's I have owned have been Jewels, My Indian First Run Scout had issues but warranty covered them although never fully trusted it after the Piston Failure , main reason traded it in for the Chieftain Dark Horse which was a Jewel for the 25,000 Miles I owned it until totaled .. My Son has a Polaris ATV RZR that has owned over a year now and loves it .. But that's why they have competition .. Many times the Dealership itself can be a problem .. The only reason I traded my Ford Edge in on the GMC Terrain .. Without Question the Buick/GMC Dealer in my area anyway is far superior to the shoddy work of the Ford Dealer .. Locally Owned as well where the rest of the Dealers are a Conglomerate ..
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