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Thread: Time to ride

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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by dawg Click here to enlarge
    Any experience with Cleveland, TN? That looks to be east coast down by Georgia. TN is one of the 14 states that won’t tax my pension.
    Stopped there several times on road trips where I used to live in South FL there was a 700 mile stretch and liked the idea of having FL and GA behind me .. Seemed like a friendly small town with enough things don't have to go elsewhere unless you want to .. Something like Lake City is in Florida ..
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    Every year a group of us meet up from all direction and head to TN/KY to ride and visit Patti's 1880 settlement. Last year we rode but it was closed due to fire. Just about everyone on this ride really need it.
    O300 Friday left the house in 45 or so degrees and rain. Headed to Chicago. Stopped at the state line and eat quick put rest of rain gear on. Roll on towards Chicago. 0700 as I approached Touhy AVE and 294 a Bike on the should pulls out in the rain and jumps in front . Why not it is his town. We ride. turn south and stop for fuel. Two more waiting to leave with us . been a year sense some of us last met. We ride south. At Mt Vernon we turn left to Indiana. Then south to Henderson KY. Time to eat. Pull in and a few more there waiting and have a table waiting for us. Enjoy each others company eat , fuel up and ride out south. Arriving in Clarksville TN. Were we stay every year. Waiting for us are the ones that came from the east and from as far south as FL. Greetings , coffee and talk about the ride in plan the next day. Saturday and Sunday we ride eat a Patti's and ride. We got wet it rained Did not stop anyone. There were a lot of people on the roads everywhere. Restaurants doing well. Most it seemed were pretty lax on the mask requirements. A few head home Sunday due to work most road out Monday . Three of us left together heading north and we rode it hard I had a 630 mile ride one had 500 and the other 450. We had a great ride home.
    We have an even bigger event coming in 2022 were many many more from all over will show up. And we will soon set up Patti's run for next year. What do all these people share in common?
    Conservative at varying levels, Working class some still working some retired. Every last one of them Rides a version of the Harley RG . Everyone of them is a true rider, not a bar hopper. Every last one of them is a true American.
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