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Made the Car tire work
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    Made the Car tire work

    Problem . 2020 RGL has 18 inch wheels. No car tire in 18 inch would work. Answer change to 16 inch wheel. Puchased 16 inch wheel,installed correct ABS and RDRS bearing and a new rotor. Mounted a 195/65R16 Car tire.
    best part is if you stand the 18 inch wheel with the stock 180/55B18 tire next to the 16 inch with 195/65R16 on it next to each other . They are the same height. The car tire is 1/2 wide and that is not an issue.

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    I have heard about this longevity using car tires for many years there’s some people that scream oh my gosh no way and other people that we will have it but I can see it’s probably quite a good application for when you have a Sidecar because you’re kind of emulating the rear end of a car with two wheels I would say the same car would be good to do also
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    Probably a heck of a lot cheaper too!!
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