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    Keihin CV and Butterfly Carburetor Fuel Inlet Repair


    Since 1976 the Harley Davidson Keihin CV and butterfly carburetors used a plastic fuel inlet elbow.With todays fuel this elbow has been known to deteriorate and fail.CV Performance makes a brass replacement elbow that corrects this problem and provides better flow.


    carb elbow.jpg
    This new part does require a little work to install.Here are directions for the install.
    1.After consulting your manualr remove the carburetor from the motorcycle and disassemble as required.
    2. Note the position of the elbow and mark it on the carburetor body.It is important you achieve the same angle with the new elbow.
    3. Next you need to break off the plastic portion of the original fuel inlet elbow. This will leave the brass portion projecting from the side of the carburetor.
    4. Using a 1/4-20 or 1/4-28 tap, tap the remaining brass piece approximately 1/2inch deep.
    5.With the new threads in place install " x 3-4" long piece of all thread. Into the newly threaded hole. Do not go to deep as this could damage the carburetor body.
    6. Use a piece of tubing that is large enough to go around the outside of the opening to act as a spacer. Place a washer on top of the spacer and over the bolt. Thread a nut down onto the washer and gently tighten, pulling the brass piece out.
    7.With the brass portion removed, take care to thouroughly clean any debree from the carb.
    8.Mount the body in a vice with the inlet hole facing up.
    9.Heat the carburetor inlet area (be carefull here). This will ease installation of the new elbow.Freezing the new elbow may also make installation easier.
    10.Line up the new elbow to match the old elbows position.
    11.Insert the elbow into the carb body. You may need to tap it to get it to seat.Be carefull not to damage the carb body.Once installed, clean the carb again to remove debree.
    12.Reversing the process, using your service manual.Reassemble the carb,install new seals and gaskets as necessary. Check for proper float height.
    13.Now reinstall the carb and check for leaks.Finaly do a test ride and check for leeks again.
    Click here to enlarge
    Click here to enlarge
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    Good Post and Link .. I am one the rare ones I guess that likes CV Carbs ..
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    Bagger I have sent several of Joe Mintons articles to Doc. about CV carbs. Im sure any info we can present will help all who have this Carb..
    May I be "the least in the household of God."...

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