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    Checking, Reading your Harley Spark Plug

    Reading your spark plugs can give you valuable information as to what is going on with your motor.Here is a quik video with the basics as well as a link with some more in depth info..

    This link has some very good info for determining exactly what is going on.
    Click here to enlarge
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    COOL stuff ';';'
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    With todays engines and fuel additives unless you getting some extreme condition plugs just do not tell you much.
    Yes if it is fouled with oil or you burn the tip off not hard to figure out. or over load with soot you can bet your running rich.
    But looking of color to figure out your tune your chasing ghost.
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    With today's additives, peoples lack of * know how it is probably imposable to "read a plug".
    With a simple addition of the Wideband AFR gauge, no one has to pull a plug as you can read the information right now any load, any speed.
    If you are carbed bike I would consider them mandatory unless you are bone stock.
    * To properly do a plug check you have to run the engine at speed and load, hit the kill switch and pull in the clutch.
    Coast to the side of the road and pull a plug.
    IF you do not do it this way you will be reading the idle mixture
    Get AEM gauge or equivalent, Be Done .


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