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    Uh, yea, about that.....

    PLEASE READ: Take The Time To Add An Avatar To Your Profile!

    PLEASE! Add an AVATAR to your profile!

    (And by the way, I added a whole bunch of new ones today in each category!)
    Brothers and Sisters here on HDTalking.NET:

    PLEASE......take a moment to click on "settings" located at the top tool bar of the home page of this site, and customize your profile!

    You can add as much or as little personal information as you feel comfortable with, of course!

    But I ask just ONE favor.....

    PLEASE....select an "Avatar",

    either a picture of you right from your own computer that you upload into your profile, OR, choose one from the HUGE assortment of avatars already there in our own library! (and the selection grows every day!)

    It helps put a "face" to your posts, even if the face isn't your own! (like yours truly!)

    It's just so much better than a blank "ghost" avatar, and really lends something to both your posts and the board in general. It also helps me remember who is who because I can associate your posts not just to your name but your avatar...believe it or not it really helps my memory!

    If you have picture that exceeds the correct size for an avatar (approx. 100X100), here's a link to a site that will easily re-size your pic of choice to the correct dimensions:
    Click here to enlarge


    In addition, if you already have an avatar but would like to change it, you are welcome to do so at ANY time! Just look through our ever-growing selection or add one of your own! Please remember that we have just a few guidelines of what we do NOT want to see.....examples of any hate-related group, like swastikas, or any frontal nudity that is below the belt....NOT cool, ok? But Rob and I built this city on Rock and Roll and still strongly feel that our members are all honorable guys who will make the right decisions without having a Dominatrix standing over them with a whip! (hmmmm....that depends on how hot she is though, doesn't it??? LOL!)

    So....right now, before you forget, please go take a look at our vast selection and pick one out! (And remember to use the pull-down menu to see the various categories of avatars available!) Or upload one of your own, bearing in mind it needs to be right around 100X100, but a bit larger is still ok.

    OK...thanks for your patience in reading this....let's get back to the party!
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    Click here to enlarge

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    Just fixed it.

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    "Feel that our members are honourable guys ........over them with a whip"

    Does this mean I'm not welcome? LOL. Being sarcastic.

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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by crazyanimal Click here to enlarge
    "Feel that our members are honourable guys ........over them with a whip"

    Does this mean I'm not welcome? LOL. Being sarcastic.
    we can provide you with your own whip but hands off my dominiatrix man she a hot goth Click here to enlarge welcome to the forum
    Click here to enlarge
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    I'm walking with Sophie tonight, She lives in the air that I breathe;
    I can't get it out of my mind, How you were left to bleed...
    Was it how you dressed?
    Or how you act?
    I can't believe, How they could act so violently,
    Without regret, , Well, we will not forget...

    We are the others, We are the cast outs,
    We're the outsiders, But you can't hide us,
    We are the others, We are the cast outs
    You're no longer on your own, If you feel mistreated, Torn and cheated,
    You're not alone, We are the others

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    Hehe. My own whip. I think I came to the right place. Hehe


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