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    Those look kool ,,,,
    May I be "the least in the household of God."...

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    Nice to see the follow up pics and even better to know Fullsac took care of you
    Always keep 2 feet away from your shadow

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    Denis funny this thread just popped up about Customer Service. Last week I took Nora in to look at new cars(her Toyota had 147,000 miles and was tired) we found a sweet 2013 Mazda 3 I sport sedan with 5,000 miles on it but as we looked it over we noticed it didn't have a Cruise Control so we told the salesman it was a deal breaker, the sales manager says if we put in a CC will it be a deal and I says only if it is a Mazda CC and is in the steering wheel like it should be he says done. We take the car in day before to have it installed and when it comes back it has some POS aftermarket CC. I talk to the sales manager he says he didn't promise a Mazda CC then the GM says the same thing and oh dummy me the paperwork says Cruise Control. I wrote a nasty letter to Tex Earnhardt who owns probably 20 dealerships around AZ but I know that I am pissing in the wind. Just pisses me off that people treat people like that.
    You know what those people are getting for Christmas the old bag of burning cow poop on the porch HOHOHO!!!
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    Santa, little do they realize they are messing with a true-hearted biker with a whole gaggle of friends. I'd like to suggest, as members of this forum, that when something like this happens to one of our brothers, as many of us as can be garnered, all write nasty-grams to the offending company and copy the world!!!

    Remember the old Redd Foxx show; there was a white cop who was always trying to be hip and he would say; "I hate gettin' torn off"!!

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