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    Clutch is the man when it comes to welders, he and a guy I know on another forum named Bubbie. From what I can remember on it, you can do with a Mig but just not quite a clean and easy as Tig. They are both gas shielded but use different gas and the fill material is supplied differently. Always enjoy reading welding stuff. I'm just a welder wanna be.

    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by smitty901 Click here to enlarge
    I am noticing a bit of low end torque loss.
    This is not really a loss but a movement in power band HP virus Torque.
    The stock pipes flow pretty free with CATS out .
    I will work on getting it where I want it by either tune or changing pipes when I have time runs great so far
    Smitty I surmise your trip to TN did not allow you any time to fool with the tuner. When you do get around to it let me know if you have any luck gettin that low end back just by adjusting your tuner. More air flow now with the cat gone would seem needs a bit more fuel. Seems simple to an old guy like me that use to just drill out the metering jets years ago when I was a teenager.

    But maybe it's not that simple. I've read a lot of different summations on this and I still have not been able to decipher anything real definitive to my own self. I know guys that have the 2 into 1 setups and they verify that the extra backpressure helps the low end and hurts the top end (to small degrees on each end). But is it really the backpressure of maybe just the fuel and timing at that rpm that is affected by the increased air flow. And sometimes the issue might be getting the mix right (different) at both ends of the rpm specturm. I don't know, I've read both sides (by educated engineers) that swear by their theories.

    Would be interestin to hear how you come out with it though.
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    As a supplement to Waynes thread, I thought I might add that some folks with 2010 an up bikes are now doing this without removing the headers. Some are just removing the heatshields, dremeling out the plate, gutting the CAT and then welding the plate back..... all while everything is on the bike.

    These pics and idea are definitely not mine.... (Totally stolen from the internet).

    The folks doing this are talking about using heavy duty tin foil to protect everthing behind the pipe while doing the weld.... and then towels or blankets to protect everyting else They are also discussing that the negative battery cable MUST be disconnected during the weld process.

    Maybe if we have any welders here, they can chime in on the positives or negatives of this idea.

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    looks reasonable (I said "looks"....), anxious to hear replys!

    just another reason to keep my '09 forever
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    OK, I'll bite. Curious to know what all this does to improve performance. Not being a wise guy, just don't know these things.
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    IMHO....the biggest thing I noticed is the bike runs a lot cooler. I can sit at a red light and not burn a leg off....lol I punched out the baffel at the same time. I lost some bottom end but this thing sure lights up around 3.5 to 4 grand. Gas milage stayed the same. Can't wait to get some pipes on her to see what she is going to do.
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    Same here, for me cooling it down was the main reason for getting rid of the cat. However, I opted for replacing the pipes (V&H dresser duals and monster ovals), so I still have my stock pipes with the cat sitting in the garage Click here to enlarge

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    Has anyone tried to sell the catalyst core to a recycling place? We have a guy that comes by once a yr to buy the ones we take off cars, some have a high value, these look like about 1/3 the size of some we take off for replacement.
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    I have just finished gutting the cat on my 2012 Glide and I also fitted a Screaming Eagle high flow air cleaner and a set of Wild Pigs Mufflers at the same time.

    Gutting the Catalytic Converter is a pain and it takes a few hours.

    My initial ride around the block doesn't prove anything apart from noticing the sound from the mufflers which is nice and deep but louder than the V&H Monster Ovals on my 2008 Glide.

    It is summer here and a few rides on some hot days will soon prove if the exhaust runs cooler - the standard exhaust is definitely hotter than my 2008 Glide.

    I will report back in a few months to let you know my observations reference the heat and fuel economy changes.


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    If I cut out my cat 2013 wide glide can I just weld in straight pipe between the pieces where the cat was?

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    R_W_B on the 2013 I have a Fuel moto jackpot 2-1-2 header the torque is out standing.
    On the trip the map I had gotten from Jamie at Fuel moto did an outstanding job for me.
    Plenty of power and Torque 48.6 mpg in the flat land and normal speeds.
    Once we hit the hills and Mountains with all kinds of different driving condition, and Higher speeds coming back over all for 3000 miles 46.5 mpg.
    I am sure I will play with it some more this summer.
    The gutted headers I had on the 2011 went to the scrape yard with the rest of the bike.
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