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    Question 2004 Road King Valve train noise

    I have a twin Cam 88 Motor that has a valve train noise that sounds like very loud loose change...It has gotten progressively worse with riding. Does any of you know if this is a common occurance, Is it something that adjustmant may cure, is this a known issue, and if known, what would be the recommended course of action to troubleshoot and repair.... Thanks

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    Welcome from Indiana....
    Your year bike I think has cam chain followers / shoes they may be worn
    If you pull the cam cover ..have your manual handy ..
    Others here will help ..we have some very knolageable folks here .:-)
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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by ultrat Click here to enlarge
    Welcome from Indiana....
    Your year bike I think has cam chain followers / shoes they may be worn
    If you pull the cam cover ..have your manual handy ..
    Others here will help ..we have some very knolageable folks here .:-)
    Ultra got you cover First thing to look at and do it now. Simple fix if you get it before it is to late.
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    Cam chain tensioners, almost without a doubt. Don't even start this bike again until they've been checked out by yourself or a professional. If you have the factory service manual it's not too hard to pull the cam cover and take a look. There's also one behind the cam plate that requires a good deal more wrenching to get to. Some say they've used a dental mirror to look behind the cam plate but I've never tried it. There are a few different options if they're junk (and I'll bet they are).

    a) You could go back with the same type of tensioners for the least expense but they'll need to be checked every 20,000-25,000 miles.

    b) You could also upgrade to H-D's new setup, which works well but is costly. The tensioners in this setup are hydraulic as opposed to spring-loaded and you also get the new oil pump.

    c) Gear drives, also work well and are also costly, but not as forgiving as option "b".

    If you're keeping this bike I would go with option "b". It makes the most sense for the average rider. Gear drives are great if the crank is straight enough but if not they can be noisy. I run gear drives in my '99, but only because i made the switch long before H-D came out with the new stuff.

    Best of luck going forward and please don't run that engine again until it's checked out.
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    The chains on some models had chains that had been stamped out using dull dies resulting in burrs on edges of chains that eat tensioner shoes. Smitty has the right idea, update to hydraulic tensioners. While you're in there might as well add some better grind camshafts.
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