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  1. In the end the guy at wall mart said the Belkin was better than the other brand which actually was more expensive even though I seen them on Amazon for $15 this one was $30
    But Kay wanted to go online and do a few things this evening so $ It's been great weather around here a few storms now and then
  2. Tom, you can get a wifi adapter these days in USB. They cost a few bucks more than the old cards you have to install into your computer, but it's much easier. Check out this link at best buy, this is a pretty good one. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-dua...?skuId=5732405

    But you can probably find cheaper ones if you look around. Is this a desktop or a laptop? If a laptop are you sure it doesn't have wireless? Sometimes they are shut off, there might be a button on the side of the computer to turn it off and on. If nobody has checked, it would be worth looking just in case.
  3. Hello I have a question and I know you know about computers we need Wi-Fi adapter for our computer we got an older computer I guess it does not have an internal Wi-Fi I see dual band and other things like that. We switched from AT&T to Comcast and now we need to buy one of these we don't want to really go overboard But we would like something useful maybe economical to get any ideas thanks very much tom
  4. That would be great thank you
  5. Tom, I can't see anyone's passwords, but I can reset it. If you want me to reset it let me know. I can send it to you in a PM and you can give it to him.
  6. I was wondering if you could pull up Harold's password the friend of mine that joined a long time ago. And I'm sure his name would've been harold has like mine being Tom appreciate if you could do thank you he was wondering
  7. Use your fame wisely Tom.
  8. Oh you snuck that picture in down there
    I certainly didn't expect that. I am now famous.
  9. I got your card today,,,
    thank you very much both of you ..
    have a Merry Merry Christmas from Kay and I ,
  10. Thanks Tom, I saw that on FB this morning. I'll make a post on our forum about it....
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