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  1. Smitty, I've been adjusting the spring shock from the low setting it was on to halfway between low and high. After testing today on rough and smooth asphalt, the ride seems to be improving, I'm thinking the ride is tolerable, probably wouldn't be much better (if at all) with the air....sooo, think I'll just leave it the way it is..... The new frame introduced in 2009 may have, to a degree, impacted my perceived difference between the ride sensation felt in comparing the '06 to this one. I really appreciate your concern and offer to help, Bro. Thanks millions.
  2. Apologies for late reply, actually, bike has been parked, been sick, had tons of company (relatives) from Oklahoma, Los Angeles and Santa Maria. Haven't messed with the computer for awhile due to company is why I've been absent. Thanks again for the offer, I'll try to find time to experiment with the adjustment this weekend.
  3. oldskyking How are the shocks working out. If you need them I have those stock shocks sitting here for you.
    I know you were going to play with adjustment on the ones you have.
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