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Thread: Back in TN

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    Ride that did not go as planned.
    I 40 from 321 into NC is a great view. It is a twisty road well known for Trucks tipping over. The view is one no one should miss. We have been there before and wanted to ride it into NC a ways. As we got with in a mile of the state line dead stop all lines as far as we could see. Nothing moving. After a while it inched ahead once in awhile but was going no where. I knew the last exit in TN was just ahead. On the shoulder and go for it. We made it off. Turn north west on to foot hills parkway and head back.
    Some pictures of the ride that did not go as planned but still turned out great.
    You will notice it says Use low gears. And it does not say trucks it means every thing.

    Click here to enlarge

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    Love Riding that area .. Great Pictures ..
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